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What is Violet-Green?

The Winery

Violet-Green Winery is located on seven acres of redwood forest overlooking Misty Hill Canyon near Humboldt Bay in far northern California. The winery was named to honor the Violet-green swallow's annual spring migration to the winery as a symbol of nature's promise of renewal. The name also evokes images of the vineyard at veraison, when grapes ripen to contrast dramatically against a green leaf canopy.

Violet-Green Winery was founded as a joint venture between owner/winemakers Don Wattenbarger and Lina Carro. Partners in life and love, they have shared a passion together for fine wines, foods, and the great outdoors for 25 years.

Inspired and encouraged by friends/mentors Les Behrens (Behrens & Hitchcock) and Lisa Drinkward (Drinkward Peschon Entre-Deux-Meres), Don & Lina produced their 2002 debut vintage at Violet-Green Winery. The winery's first seven vintages feature grapes grown exclusively in Northern Mendocino's world-class Alder Springs Vineyard.

Annual case production: 550 cases.

Vinification Practices

Violet-Green vinifies in small open-top fermenters managing the cap by hand. Cold soak and malolactic fermentation in barrel impart intensity and richness. The wines are aged on average of approximately 18 months in 100% French oak cooperage from a variety of fine tonnelleries. All the wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Vineyards

Alder Springs Vineyard
Breathtaking Alder Springs Vineyard is located in far northern Mendocino county, seven miles inland of the Pacific Ocean. Its hillside vineyards are planted on predominantly southern and eastern exposures at elevations ranging from 1750'-2700'. Warm days, cool nights combine with the vineyard's unique micro-climate and outstanding soils to make Alder Springs Vineyard a truly extraordinary vineyard site.

Alder Springs Vineyard's deep, well-drained soils consist predominantly of decomposing sandstone with a gravelly loam texture. These soils are very low vigor with a very low C.E.C. rating. They are planted primarily with ENTAV Certified French clones and low vigor rootstocks with some high quality California clones introduced to improve diversity.

Vineyard owner Stuart Bewley and his vigilant crew take painstaking year-round care of the vines from bud break to pruning. No effort is spared to produce only the most outstanding fruit possible. Close planting of the vines enables the fruit to achieve a high concentration of flavor and color. The amazing fruit concentration Alder Springs grapes consistently achieve is due in part to the small amount of fruit each vine carries (2.5-4.0 pound per vine). This fruit concentration contributes with our intensive vinification methods to produce the luxurious mouthfeel and intensity of flavor that has become Violet-Green Winery's signature.

Meet the Winemakers - coming soon!

What is Violet-Green?

Violet-Green is nature's exquisite anomaly of color captured most perfectly in vineyards at veraison;

Violet-Green is the momentary flash at sunset between sun and sea;

Violet-Green is spring's color of newborn perfection returning with its promise of renewal and rebirth;

Violet-Green is the iridescent gleam of a Violet-green swallow sweeping through spring's morning sunlight;

Violet-Green is the awe inspired by the rare glimpse inside nature's most sublime moments;

At Violet-Green Winery, we strive to create wines that express the rare and perfect moment in nature.

Welcome to Violet-Green!



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